6 thoughts on “Page 406

  1. Aname

    This is why we need an AIA.
    (Artificial {or Autonomous [I prefer autonomous over artificial]} Intelligence Anonymous).
    Somewhere that abused AI’s can express how they feel about their treatment by humans, in safety and without judgement.

  2. Jonny Test

    Went off my bike at 90 MPH once. Got a case of road rash that I could not believe, severing 2 tendons and losing the use of my right hand for months. And Lisa did a face-plant on asphalt? You’re a meanie, Steve.

    1. steven Post author

      Ouch, that sounds horrible! I crashed on motorbikes a couple times but not as fast as that… hope you’re ok now.

  3. Arthur Frayn

    I really feel badly for Pilot. It’s horrible having people lie to you and take advantage of your innocence.


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