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  1. Terrazin

    This definitely looks worse and worse. The more it goes, the more likely it seems that Vestine is about to fly the warhead-carrier herself.

    I mean, that’s what fanatics do. They keep going no matter what, and when everything else has failed, they take the matters in their own hands.

    Vestine is a high-ranked officer of the military, which means she has combat training, as well as experience in firearms. She will put a dire threat until the bitter end, that is for sure.

    1. Observer

      Depends on whether it is a full-spec military base (unlikely, just one runway). The fancy landing lights suggest that ok it is a bit more than just a crop-duster’s field but nothing fancy. The fence is just to keep deer and kids from wandering where they shouldn’t. So no motion detecting perimeter security.

      Vestine needed somewhere, anywhere, in a hurry. She is not a detail person, “her people” usually take care of that sort of thing.

      1. Chris

        True, but running a stress line along the bottom of the fence is arguably simpler & cheaper than the razor wire along top.

  2. Frank

    Not to smart from Lisa. Took the VW van with the Pest Fix marks all over it. Was well hidden in the garage. Now abandoned near an air strip. If there is some protection of the airfield for sure it will be found and then all hell breaks loose. Van will be traced to Marks home. Mark, Elvis and the policeman arrested. Not sure that Lisa will succeed in her operation/even killed perhaps and all of her friends in jail and prosecuted, we already know the result. Bad people always win …

    Sorry Steven for this reflection, storyline shows (logic) gaps and I am worried for what follows … I do want all of the good people to win and survive.


    1. Terrazin

      I do not see how the Pest Fix van would help to track Mark. Actually, I fail to see how this is a logic gap. Remember that Vestine is now a wanted fugitive. As soon as police enters Mark’s place, everything Marks needs to do is explain how he was Lisa’s creator, and how she was stolen from him to serve Vestine’s plan. So him and the policeman, as well as Elvis, would not need to worry. They would be taken in for interrogation, right, but it would be as persons of interest, which means that police would protect them at all costs until the whole Vestine mess is cleared out.

      As for the van, it’s the only vehicle Mark owns that Lisa is aware of. And, well, she’s one of the good guys, so no way she would break into another house to steal another car.

      Plus, as it was stated above, chances are that there is not much security systems on this airfield. So Lisa’s and Socks’ regular camouflage should be enough.

      So I day it’s quite consistent so far.


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