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  1. Aname

    Whatever you do Lisa, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS under the vids.
    They will sour you on humanity instantly. So pedantic, so negative, so aggresive, so contrary.
    The comment sections are where the real humanity lives, unfortunately.

    1. steven Post author

      but seriously I’ve watched all these videos myself and the comments are always super-positive. When you get the really bad comments, that’s videos by Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Matt Walsh, Nick Fuentes… and Twitter of course. Even before Musk bought it, Twitter was bad. But Lisa knows the bad comments come from a minority of inexperienced uninformed people brainwashed by their community and echo-chamber, and by a few truly pathological people (like Vestine)

      1. Aname

        So these are all real current vids? Cool, I’ll have to search some of these out.
        I should have guessed that though. You have previously drawn real life elements into the comic, notably Vestines childhood home. It helps to combine reality into the fiction, making everything more believable.
        With the comment sections, I have seen some that were real dumpster fires. Mostly, as you say, on polarising topics. I like to try and identify all the logical fallacies that the commentors commit.
        That way I dont take them too seriously and get drawn in to the cesspool.

          1. Aname

            Thanks for the links. Enter Sandman was really cool, Rockn’1000 bookmarked now.
            The Korean guy made three beautiful knives, I like how the smaller one had a low point and such beautiful etching.
            From there I sort of went off track and watched Blacktail Studio do a round epoxy-timber tabletop. Gonna go watch the leather one.
            Thanks again

  2. Bitty

    Awesome… captures the feeling of seeing so much talent and compassion and feeling a certain type of way about humanity ❤️


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