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  1. Jon Benken

    Sweetheart, maybe you should radio Mom first.
    Then again, Mom’s mansion is at least under siege by now, if not already leveled. Then what, sell the nuke on eBay?
    And what of Maddie’s BFF, Lisa? They’re so cute when they play together and try to kill each other.

  2. Aname

    That guy on the radio is a bit of a worrywart.
    Shooting at nukes has a vanishingly small possibility of making it detonate, from small arms fire to heavy artillery, even proximity to another nuke detonation is unlikely to cause a nuke warhead to detonate in sympathy.
    A nuke detonation requires such a precise sequence of timing, conditions and events to occur that it is difficult for it to happen randomly.
    Well modern nukes anyhow. You could possibly do a Little Boy fairly simply with the right materials, maybe.

    1. Chris

      Yeah, but if it explosives in it detonated badly (a’la dirty bomb) you could contaminate the area with radioactive material without a nuclear explosion.

      1. Aname

        Nukes are so dangerous that they have to be exceedingly robust, so nukes dont use standard HE.
        They use something called IHE (Insensitive High Explosive), usually TATB.
        Livermore Labs developed IHEs after Palomares 1966 and Thule1968, two B52 crashes each armed with 4 B28 bombs, which caused two dirty bomb incidents.
        So shooting at a modern nuke has basically no chance of making it detonate correctly and, maybe, an infinitesimal chance of it going dirty. I would not bet on it happening.


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