5 thoughts on “Page 330

  1. Jonny Test

    I doubt that the Seals would follow an obviously insane commander like her. They’d be more likely to hunt her down instead.

    1. Observer

      You obviously haven’t been paying any attention to the Russian military’s war crimes while carrying out Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

      And if you believe that US forces are immune to similar misbehaviour, you need to do some research.

      “Just following orders” has a long history. When soldiers are kept misinformed and fed lies, they can do things that make no sense when the fog of war lifts. Examples available on request.

  2. Bitty

    Maddie is so damn funny here, I know I should be taking the nazi lady seriously but Maddie adds so much comedy I love it. The ‘oopsie poopsie! there goes the continent’ gestures and faces are sooo funny lmao. Of course Trumbold would make sure her cute android features in her vanity project, obviously, it wouldn’t be the perfect evil murderous plan reveal without her..!


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