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  1. Terrazin

    “She really is that dumb”? We’re talking about somebody who has little to no remorse slaughtering people. Even in the case where Vestine is the worst kind of extremist, she still had what it takes to reach her current position.

    So it could definitely be some trap… And who knows, perhaps the webcam is recording 24H/24 !

  2. Observer

    Sorry but I think this is lazy. Vestine is not “dumb” (in the US sense), she didn’t get to where she is by being stupid. But she is arrogant and has the carelessness for boring detail that goes with it. “Little people” wouldn’t dare to touch her stuff.

    Some racists are very clever indeed. Their logic is flawless but it produces insanity because its starting point is the insane belief that “race” is a real thing despite the indivisible continuity of Homo Sapiens from Inuit to original Australians.

    Steven, I suggest you need to change this to “arrogant” and “arrogance”.

    1. steven Post author

      Vestine is meant to be a similar personality to Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Trump, etc. None of them had/have a very high IQ. Particularly Hitler was not at all very smart, judging by accounts of people close to him. These kind of people get high positions in society only because of everything else they have, APART from intelligence. For example zero scruples, lots of motivation, and charisma (stuff like being good at public speaking, manipulating people, acting.) Smart people have doubts, dumb people are always very sure of themselves. People like confidence, they will vote for it every time.

      About racists, it’s a separate matter, evil dictators aren’t necessarily always true believers of racism, they sometimes just use it to gain power. The true racist, the true believer, is almost always either dumb, uneducated or emotional (their amygdala overrides their prefrontal cortex). There have been a few smart and educated true racists, but their research is flawed exactly for that reason – their emotions tell them to skew their results.

      But of course this all seems lazy shortened down to a couple sentences and some single syllable words, but I just don’t want to bring the action to a screeching halt by going into a tirade like this on every few pages 🙂

      1. Observer

        When I can draw a tenth as well as you can and create a story-line half as good as this one, then maybe I might be arrogant enough to debate with you. In the meantime, please regard my remarks as no more than off-the-cuff reactions to the story as it goes along, booing the villains and cheering the heroes. You are entirely at liberty to ignore what we say since only you know what is coming down the track. I’m sorry if it came across as an attack, that wasn’t my intent. Thracecius (below) did a better job of expressing what I wanted to say.

        I am flattered that you took the time to respond but at the end of the day, your story so your rules. If I don’t like it, I can go write my own graphic novel. Yeah, right.

        1. steven Post author

          Haha don’t worry I don’t feel attacked, I see this as invaluable crowd-sourcing of advice… when I get a similar feedback from half a dozen different sources in different communities I will take a second look at what I made, and a second think.
          Yes, graphics are my thing, I feel fairly confident in that area (but even here people spot stuff that I should have spotted, that I need to go back and fix).
          Writing however is my nemesis, I’ve been re-writing this story for like twenty years or more, and even after I put it on the page, before I publish it, I keep tweaking and tweaking and tweaking, I struggle at communicating, at dialogue or monologue, at humor. Even this post took a bit too long to write, I had to go back and obsess over it of course. 🙂 That’s why I don’t post as much here as I would like, as I see other comic artists do in their blogs. again thanks

  3. Thracecius

    I’d be surprised if this doesn’t backfire in some way, but we’ll see.

    The author’s comments leaves me with little doubt that Vestine is intended as a one-dimensional villain, which is fine, but as I mentioned on my comment on the previous page, the greater the villain, the more satisfying it is for the hero to defeat them. Finding out that Vestine is “dumb” is a little discouraging, but I’m too invested in the story not to see it through. So far I haven’t been disappointed, aside from some stereotypes that, admittedly, are commonly used in many works of fiction and thus widely accepted, but it’s not a deal breaker for me unless it’s poorly handled.

    1. steven Post author

      Thanks everyone for the solid feedback, it really is invaluable, I’ll see if I can make some minor changes (like I have before), without going back and redoing whole pages 🙂

      1. Thracecius

        You are most welcome, Steven! I really enjoy reading Lisa’s story and I don’t think you have anything to be stressed over in terms of dialogue or plotting, I’d say your in the top tier of longform comics that I read/have read. It’s difficult to gauge dialogue vs. exposition for pretty much every artist and author I’ve seen, but some have been working on the story for longer than you (40 years! for Altarion Saga – by Whiteshaix on Comic Fury), or have been producing and sharing content longer than you (no way for me to tell, so that’s an assumption).

        Your art is superb and, like everyone else who reads Android Blues, I appreciate that you share it freely. Tell your story how you want to tell it and sure, keep constructive criticism in mind for the future, but don’t lose your voice. My favorite comickers always stick to their guns when challenged and I really appreciate that, even if sometimes I disagree with them.


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