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  1. Hey Hey

    First of all, I would like to say it’s great seeing work from you again Steven.
    Some material looks like Rob C.’s influence.
    I think it has plenty more potential, even though I think it’s already very good work.

    You have some strengths I would like to point out, and think would be beneficial to further enhance your growing comic.

    A) I think it’s called industrial design: your robots and machines are excellent; I think supplying more of those would create more interest. Examples: Page 2, 28

    I think, use what you got before its gone (in a growing market).

    B) Shading and ink lines: your shading lines are professional and upholds
    the real comic feel. Examples: Page 2 (body vat? machine), 8, 11
    Also your (digital) inks: Page 12 (bottom block)

    Sadly, for me, as the comic goes on it seems it’s loosing those strong bold lines.

    I would also like to suggest that we could zoom into these images, so all that great line-work is not lost with quick glances when they are miniaturized into the comic page blocks.

    C) Smooth realistic skin-shading: like on the cover page, these are your strength and are really appealing.
    Examples: Cover page, Page 4

    This is only an opinion, and actually to better your vision of the comic, you may decide doing away with everything I just said may be a better way, depending on what you are trying to create. So, goodluck.

    1. steven Post author

      Thanks for your detailed feedback, it really helps, and motivates! 🙂
      I will try to keep the line work as dark as it was in the beginning, I think it’s because I went back and forth more early on (not being sure of the exact balance point of lines and color), and in this process the lines probably became darker inadvertently. It should be a fairly simple thing to fix, if I can only remember to do it on every page in the future. 🙂
      About the resolution, the software I’m using doesn’t allow higher, but I will ask on a comic forum to see if there’s a solution. Again thanks!

  2. Hey Hey

    I would also suggest she could be a special android (aside from her visual appeal; For an extreme example, she could be a government’s top secret weapon they grew to fulfill their ultimate purpose of world dominion, through secret assassinations) and/or have a special grander purpose to fulfill (like she’s a test model created with ‘outerspace skin’ to freely fly about space (without a spacesuit, and without risking real lives in outerspace) and work to build space-bases for the first pre-outerspace civilizations – since this is a futuristic story plot.)
    I think this may also generate more interest.


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