6 thoughts on “Page 307

  1. Tooniator

    The order didn’t specify a continuing action. She can stop, put her hands on her head, lie down, and then immediately get up and run away.

    1. steven Post author

      You didn’t really miss anything, I missed it, good catch. I’ll go back and alter the text slightly so he doesn’t actually say the word stop anymore. Him saying “wait” is ok, a person can wait for something to happen without stopping or even slowing down… 🙂

      1. ToTo

        You’re welcome.
        A human can fool a lie detector. Such a hi-tech android could probably find a subterfuge to get away with it…

        1. Sheela

          Well, considering that the last police officer she talked to, got shot in the head, I think there’s a good precedence for getting away from police officers so they don’t get hurt.

  2. Thracecius

    So orders relayed through a remote drone count, even if she can’t see the human? This situation is getting even more tense and I hope that her internal controller has the ability to talk her out of complying. Then again, maybe going into custody gets her where she needs to be?


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