4 thoughts on “Page 300

  1. Thracecius

    Aw crap. Just when things seemed to be going minimally okay again, misinformed law enforcement gets brought to bear against Lisa again. I hope she can elude them instead of getting taken into custody or having to hurt the officers.

    I suppose on the plus side, Lisa has had human contact again, so she’s good for another few days before she has a problem.

  2. Nick

    “A massage”… is that what they’re calling it now? Wonder if Misty’s clit got a good tongue lashing or just Lisa’s? P.S. Actually kinda hoping Misty will make a repeat appearance, I kinda like her character.

    1. steven Post author

      Thanks! actually I’m working on an extra page, to fill out the apparent gap that a couple readers pointed out, instead of just skipping ahead with a “Later…” 🙂 I’ll post it in a few days


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