2 thoughts on “Page 297

  1. One-eyed Mike

    Those memories are not just constructs…

    Even “bad guys” have a childhood. What happened to make a child into a Vestine?

    There’s often something sad behind the bad.

  2. Thracecius

    To quote Hellboy: Oh crap.

    Vestine created Pinkie the way she is because Misty, or someone like her, treated Vestine the same way she treats Pinkie. Wild guess that’s probably wrong, but it’s certainly a possibility. Sometimes the tortured visit the same treatment on others because they don’t know anything else.

    To paraphrase Mal from Firefly (a Nietzsche quote it seems): Stare into the abyss long enough and it stares back at you.

    Maybe it’s too much to hope for, but maybe Lisa is a failsafe to actually deliver Vestine to her redemption, whatever that may be?


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