6 thoughts on “Page 290

  1. Thracecius

    So now the truth comes out. What did you expect a pleasure bot to do when she looks, acts and sounds like a child and you roleplay her mother? Vestine, you’re as willfully blind and stupid as you are brutal. Clever, yes. Powerful, yes. Worthy of any leadership role? Absolutely not.

    Nice job showing the cracks in Vestine’s armor, Steve. The fact that she can’t comprehend Maddie’s behavior, strange though it may be sometimes, further illustrates how dangerously incapable she is of being a leader.

  2. bingus

    A visual continuity note: there seems to be a pair of underwear missing from the sixth panel. Or perhaps that panel is correct, and the inclusion of underwear in other panels is the true continuity error. Very mysterious.

  3. Tomas

    Wow. I thought Vestine would be furious about the collateral damage caused by unleashing military hardware in an American city, but no. She only cares about her space laser.


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