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  1. One-eyed Mike

    I am concerned that Lisa’s morality is getting very skewed, which may cause conflict for her.

    She could justify stealing clothes earlier as a necessity. She is paying for the car. However, she knows that claiming on the insurance will damage people without necessity.

    Fake claims rarely hurt the insurance company. They just charge higher renewal premiums to their customers. So, the other customers pay for fake claims, not the insurance company.

    1. steven Post author

      yes true but the owner of the car is her dad, he probably considers it truly stolen and would report it no matter what…

      I thought I had to have Lisa tell Ruth that to explain how it gets reported (because it does),
      but maybe no need to explain? readers can figure that out anyway?

      edit: ok I changed the text a little, I think it’s better now 🙂

      1. Little Endian

        probably no need to explain but also, insurance companies are already charging enough to handle the flow of claims and then some, that’s the whole point. They don’t charge as much as they need to so they can pay claims, they charge literally as much as the market will bear, which is why insurance price averages always go up over time, even in years where the costs of payouts are lower, like 2020.

  2. Observer

    and if she does report it stolen, an automatic Grand Theft Auto Detector and Deterrent on the next available lamp-post will pre-emptively blow the whole Tesla away. “To liberate the vehicle, it was necessary to destroy it”


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