8 thoughts on “Page 263

  1. One-eyed Mike

    This is the time when all cars are electric, and old-fashioned dirty cars have disappeared.

    So, the old beat up car is a Tesla. Good writing.

    1. Keith

      No, but a couple dozen field mice the size of domesticated rats tearing out of it would be cool. And yes, I have seen field mice that big…and there were over a couple dozen.

  2. Observer

    And another thing… kudos for the replacement door from the wrecker’s yard that the owner never got round to painting to match. That is so on the money!

    And the previously loved hubcap found on a corner somewhere, it’s good enough. Though I suspect that the On-board Experience Management System is going to moan when Lisa gets it going that “non-OEM equipment fitted, warranty may voided”.


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