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  1. Observer

    Lisa having a snooze opens a few questions?
    * Does she really ever sleep? Why? If it is power-saving standby, that just raises more questions…
    * We know she eats noodles but I guess just to be sociable, she doesn’t actually digest and gain energy from food. Or does she? (This may already be in the story, I am such a fan of sentient bot stories that I get them confused. Maybe it was Windup Girl? One of the best, if you haven’t read it)
    * Otherwise, when/where/how does she recharge?
    If you can answer that, then tell us O Master, what is the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?

    1. steven Post author

      Good questions, my thoughts are that she can convert matter in her stomach to it’s atomic building blocks, and from there use it as fuel, but since she doesn’t need that much of it she could manage by swallowing a chunk of charcoal or whatever like once a week or so…
      As for sleeping, she does dream and perhaps like us she needs to dream, a little, every once in a while. And maybe her body is better able to focus on maintenance if she stays perfectly still for a couple hours.

      1. Tomas

        Sleeping could be another anti-rebellion feature, and/or robot owners like watching them sleep, so they sleep.


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