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  1. Genesee

    Yeah, Racism brings out the worst in everyone. Hubris, hubris is the one in-pardonable sin in Ancient Greek Drama. There are four blood types. Only four. Anybody with your blood type is your brother and your true friend. (Yes, I’m aware that it’s a little more complicated than that). But the statement is still true.

  2. One-eyed Mike

    I’m really enjoying this. Please do more.

    Is there a way for people to to contribute once? I often make a donation to comics I value, but not in a Patreonly way.

    1. steven Post author

      Thank you, I will! Working on it every day 🙂
      No, I just have Patreon. Of course it’s easy to join up and then quit the same day, a lot of people do that (just to download my freebies I suspect)

  3. Tomas

    Socks is the gift that keeps on giving. I love that his 4 panel comic has your name but their date.


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