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  1. Observer

    I’ve been thinking about how far you have come with your drawing since you began this graphic novel many moons ago. Your drawing and modelling has always been excellent but what has changed is that Lisa has become an emotional 3D person. See this page and especially p163. In the early work, she was a bit ‘flat’, now she has ‘presence’

    Which got me wondering, should you consider redrawing the early episodes? A moot question I know because there aren’t enough hours in the day. Leaving that aside and pretending we don’t know the gestation, in fact it actually works really well, fortuitously. Lisa began as an automaton and the characterisation matches that. Now she is almost human and the drawing brings that out.

    1. steven Post author

      wow this must be the best comment I’ve had so far… sincerely flattering, and long, and constructive, of course, but also it seems you understand what I’m trying so hard to communicate, when I’m always wondering deep down if it’s really working… thank you. 🙂


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