7 thoughts on “Page 155

  1. She can’t, like, go into hibernate mode or something? At least a low-power state so that her brain doesn’t need so much cooling?

    Also, isn’t the risk of getting caught doubling-up in the capsule (and thus drawing attention) outweighing the nebulous benefit of “being safer if we’re together”?

    • Hibernation is a good idea, must include in the design specs 🙂
      For the doubling up, I think Elvis just wants an excuse to have her close. 🙂 About getting caught yes it’s a good point, and it brings up another point, this kind of place should be designed so people see as little of each other (in other capsules) as possible… for instance probably there’s only 1 wall stacked with pods, not 2 facing each other like on a sleeper train

      • Be that way, some of us come from manufacturers that are no longer in business and their records are not archived anywhere. (tries to stomp off in a huff, looks more like benny hill with a bad limp)

  2. I’ve been loving the series. Wonderful story and art. I’m glad to see the main story is moving again.

    Sooo … Androids will overheat unless their temperature is carefully controlled. To release heat quickly, body surface gets too hot for any material touching the skin.

    Ahhhh …

    It’s time for Lisa to lose her clothes again. Just saying.

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