10 thoughts on “Page 114

  1. Observer

    Small continuity error. On page 113, the bra straps are at the side (as makes sense for that design) but on this page they have moved round to the front.

    Otherwise, stunning work as usual.

  2. Observer

    You are such a master of anatomy that I’m being cheeky here but I think you would prefer to know and decide whether it matters. But now that I see it, I can’t see anything else! So here goes, you are the artist, accept or reject as you wish.

    I’m afraid that the revision is unconvincing around the head of the humerus and under armpit. The attachment of the shoulder strap to the chest band looks wrong (and it moves again on page 115, where it still looks wrong to my eye), So strictly out of academic interest, I did a search for a reference picture and found “Fifi Quarter-Cup Bra – Lux Tenebrae” (which is a bit more revealing than yours but the technology is similar), Hope that helps.

    1. steven Post author

      You’re right, the reference helps, I’ll take another look at it, thanks. 🙂 I should have searched more for reference before I started this bra thing. 😀

  3. Weiser

    Thanks for this musical impression! The scene appears as if the song was written for it. For me it was twice amazing to read the story grounded with ELO sound.


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