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  1. Weiser

    Well, that brings up another question: Does a sex-botty android even need this kind of underwear (to stay clean and in shape) or is it just decoration?

    1. steven Post author

      Good question! I think she doesn’t need it, I mean most nudists will say they don’t need clothing either…
      But you got me thinking about germs and stuff. I think androids would have some problems with odor, maybe not as much as humans… but they’d have to be roughly same temp as us, and at least some moisture (tear fluid, saliva, mucus membranes, some kind of analog to sebaceous oil to keep the skin looking smooth and shiny, etc). This all means that they could catch fungal and staph infections, and all those other smelly germs that grow on us. They’d be able to turn up the body heat briefly though, to kill germs.

      1. blub

        The smelly gems on us smell because they brake down stuff in our sweat, mostly hormones. I would expect an android even with those features would only smell if it was build that way, maybe to appear more human.


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